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Posts from July 2014

Autocomplete for a text field

There's quite a bit of material out on the internet about creating custom fields in Sitecore. But inevitably, when I found myself with a requirement to create one, I couldn't find anything particularly close to my needs. So here's another post about creating a custom field – maybe it'll be of help to someone...

Fields Sitecore UI ~6 min. read

What did I need to deploy again?

Recently I found myself at the end of a sprint where a collection of developers had worked on a lot of different things in a pre-existing Sitecore solution. I needed to be able to deploy only the changes that were part of the sprint, and I had to generate a deployment package that could be installed by the client. And I didn't have access to any fancy tools such as Hedgehog TDS, that can be used to automate these things in other ways.

Multilist fields with source queries in Parameter Templates

I've talked previously about how you can improve your content editors' understanding of where things live inside your Sitecore content tree by making use of relative queries to specify where the editing UI finds things. You can do it Data Sources.

Logically, you'd assume that if a relative query works for a Multilist field in a normal template, it should work in a Parameter Template too? Well, if you set up something like this:

C# Sitecore UI ~2 min. read

Using Nuget for your references to Sitecore DLLs

NuGet is a really useful tool for managing external references for your .Net projects. It's also a tool that the Sitecore community are making good use of, with loads of useful Sitecore extensions available as packages. Plus it's been extended with the ability to deploy things into a Sitecore instance. Another potential use in Sitecore projects (that I've not found much discussion of) is for your references to the Sitecore DLLs themselves. I've been experimenting with this on some of my projects, so thought I'd write down what I've tried.