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Jeremy Davis
Sitecore, C# and web development
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Some links you may find useful

In case they're of help...

Here are a few of the things I've done over the years that I find myself having to give people links to:

  • Tooling for generating Sitecore config patches

    I built an experiemental UI for constructing config patches for your Sitecore projects. You can read a bit about what I was thinking in this blog post, and you can download it or look at the source on Github.
  • Scripts to help Sitecore developers install Solr

    I've written some plain PowerShell scripts that make installing Solr for Sitecore easily. There's also a version which uses SIF so it can be more integrated with a Sitecore v9.1 install.
  • Scripts for instaling SolrCloud

    If you're interested in automating an install of SolrCloud (Solr plus ZooKeeper) in IaaS patterns, then this script may be of help to you. It was written a while back, to target Solr 7, but the patterns should be broadly applicable to newer versions too. It shows a pattern for installing Java, ZooKeeper and Solr in multi-node cloud-mode either all on one machine, or across multiple machines.
  • My "Measure, if you want to go faster!" talk

    I've presented a few variations on this talk about how you can use standard Sitecore development tools to help find performance challenges in your code. I've got copies hosted here, in case you watched and want to go back over the material, or if you missed it and want to find out what I said... The most recent version was at SUGCON 2019 in London. That's the version I'd recommend if you've missed out on seeing it live. But there's info on two other versions here too, in case it's of use: It was originally a brief talk at a Manchester (UK) user group, and it was expanded to be a session at Symposium in 2018.
  • Stickers

    If you're after the artwork for any of the silly stickers, badges or t-shirts I've brought along to conferences in the past, then it's available on Github: Symposium 2017, Symposium 2018, SUGCON 2019 and Symposium 2022. All the artwork is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.