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Posts from November 2014

Oi! Why can't I have my document, SharePoint?

Not a Sitecore issue this week – but an issue I've been suffering from whilst working on Sitecore projects none the less. Like many IT companies working in the Microsoft space, we have a SharePoint site where our project documents live. Quite regularly, when I try to open one of those documents I get a login popup. Despite the fact that SharePoint is in my "Local Intranet" sites in Internet Explorer.

Recently this managed to annoy me enough that I took the time to investigate and fix the issue. Here's what I found:

SharePoint ~3 min. read

Publishing restrictions and search

I had to deal with a bug report in some Sitecore 6.6 / Advanced Database Crawler search code recently, relating to items with publishing restrictions not disappearing from search results until another publish occurred. It struck me that there's not much written about how publishing restrictions interact with search, so I figured I should take a bit of time to write down what I'd found while sorting the bug.

Lucene Sitecore ~2 min. read

Visual Studio hangs on Sitecore solution load?

It is quite possible that this issue is entirely down to some odd aspect of the setup of the Virtual Machine I'm developing on at the moment, but recently I've experienced quite a few hangs when loading Sitecore solutions. Starting up Visual Studio to be greeted with a never ending progress bar:

Merging package definitons

Continuing on from previous discussions about packages and their definitions, I found myself needing to quickly merge together the definitions of two different packages recently. And that sounded like an opportunity for a simple tool to add to my collection.

C# Packages Sitecore ~2 min. read