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Posts from April 2015

Using NuGet for Sitecore dev instances: Further files

Last week I started writing up the content from my Sitecore Technical User Group presentation on using NuGet for the easy creation of new development instances. This week I'm continuing that topic, with the next steps for package creation:

Using NuGet for Sitecore dev instances: Background and beginnings

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to speak at the Sitecore Technical User Group in Manchester. I gave a talk about experiments into how you can put Sitecore into a NuGet package in order to create low-effort developer instances. Due to time constraints I wasn't able to get all of the information I wanted into the presentation, so over the course of my next three posts I plan to write up the key info from the presentation with that extra detail.

How did I miss this bit of SIM automation?

Quick one today, as I need to spend time writing up my presentation from the Sitecore Technical User Group in Manchester last week. (Hopefully will have something done for next week's post)

SIM Sitecore ~½ min. read

That search index rebuild option is too hard to find...

The other day a colleague remarked on how much time was wasted navigating down to the search index rebuild options in the Sitecore 6.6 Control Panel. While there are a variety of other ways of triggering a search rebuild, (Sitecore Rocks for example) it was suggested that having a button on the Ribbon (as per Sitecore 7) would be helpful in this case. So here's a quick set of instructions for one way it can be added:

Lucene Sitecore UI ~1 min. read