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Posts from July 2016

Personalising on Page Events with custom data? Take care...

A colleague of mine has been looking at some custom page events and reporting in Sitecore 8.1 recently. One thing which came to light during this work is that some of the personalisation rule code in the product didn't appear to work as expected. In case anyone else is looking at this aspect of the software, he's a summary of the issue we were seeing, in the hope that it can help you avoid the time we spent looking into this:

How to shoot yourself in the foot with a config patch...

Sitecore config patches are great, right? We (should) all be using them to ensure that our changes in configuration don't get stomped on when we upgrade, or install new modules. But like any bit of technology, they can sometimes cause problems. Here's an example of one I saw recently, in the hope it can save others from similar issues:

Sitecore ~2 min. read