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Posts from September 2016

Listen to what your tests are telling you...

One of the things that the masters of Unit Testing say is that tests should always be repeatable and deterministic. No matter when, or how many times you run a test, if the System Under Test stays the same, the results of the test should stay the same. So I found myself a bit confused recently when some tests went from reliable to unreliable results. Turns out the tests were right, and they were pointing out a silly bug I'd introduced by accident...

C# ~1 min. read

The official Sitecore NuGet feed is here!

Wild times in the Sitecore world, as the release of v8.2 is has brought a load of new features. One I'm particularly pleased about is that there is now an official NuGet feed for your Sitecore references. I've been asking pretty much every Sitecore employee I've spoken to about doing this for years now, and finally it's here.

So now I've read the release notes and finished a quick chair dance of joy, it's time to dive in and see what it's all about...

NuGet Sitecore ~5 min. read