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Posts from January 2024

A fun gotcha with Azure Front Door Premium

How the config of a PaaS App Service can get into a loop with Front Door

I bumped into an interesting redirect-loop issue with a Sitecore instance sitting behind Azure Front Door recently. It's not a product I know a great deal about, so this seemed worth writing down in case I come across it again, or others bump into the same challenge. Turns out it wasn't a Sitecore-specific issue, but its definitely something which could affect other Sitecore sites...

Azure Sitecore ~3 min. read

XM Cloud: We're on a journey

Strap in - We're heading for the future!

There was a lot of interesting discussion at SUGCON NA and the MVP Summit towards the back-end of last year. I've got piles of notes I took about stuff that caught my attention over the course of those events. But out of all the sessions, one specific thing stuck out to me as a vision of our future as Sitecore developers. And it's a topic that's come up a few times in my conversations with people at work and in the general community. So it seemed like it was worth writing about...

Sitecore XM Cloud ~7 min. read