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Looking forward to SUGCON EU

What's caught my eye on the agenda?

Published 11 March 2024
Sitecore SUGCON ~3 min. read

Earlier this week, I got my first chance to take a look at the agenda for this year's SUGCON EU**1 (in Dublin next month), and a few things jumped out for me as things I probably want to watch at the event. Maybe they'd be of interest to you too?

My personal focus is on developer-related stuff, but there's also content on the agenda if you have a more marketing and personalisation focus too. And there's more on the agenda**2 generally - these were just the sessions that immediately called out to me and my current work:

  • Opening keynote

    Dave O'Flanagan, Thu 1:00 pm

    Up until a few days ago I'd not have called out the keynote specially - we all know what we'd expect to get there. But last week Sitecore announced that Dave has been promoted to (interim) CEO. So now we're getting the ÜberBoss making this keynote now. I think it's going to be interesting to see what changes he makes in the business, as someone who has been responsible for products up until now. He's got a bit of prep time to get comfortable behind his new desk before this event, so maybe we'll get to hear about some of that change when he speaks?

  • The Future of Developer Experience

    Liz Nelson, Thu 2:30 pm

    It is often joked that the only constant in software is change - but it feels like we have a lot of change around us as Sitecore developers these days. Composable, the plethora of front-end frameworks available, headless, and all the hype around "AI" represent new challenges for us as we craft websites for clients. Plus, that all has to fit in with the rapid pace of change at Sitecore itself. So I'm very interested to hear where Liz thinks things are heading next for us as we do our development work, and how we might work on projects in the future.

  • It is all about APIs

    Alex Doroshenko, Thu 5:35 pm

    I heartily agree with the title here. A lot of my life is spent talking about, reading up on, planning or calling APIs. So a session focused on what some of Sitecore's API surface can do for developers is immediately interesting to me. The talk of tool building, and of APIs for Send and CDP/Personalize particularly so. Anything you need to do more than once should probably be automated, right?

  • Unveiling the future of Platform DXP and Managed Cloud

    Colin te Kempel, Fri 9:00 am

    Colin is not messing about with a title like that - guaranteed to draw me in... Despite all of the hype and marketing talk around XM Cloud, the reality for a lot of us Sitecore developers is that we have a good few years of supporting and working with projects on the classic DXP still to come. So talk of futures and roadmaps for that is immediately interesting to me. I can guarantee I'll be playing some of this info back in some client meetings pretty soon after I get home from SUGCON.

  • Building for Resiliency

    Andy Cohen, Fri 9:55 am

    On one hand, part of me is pretty sure the "good patterns" of designing resilient systems with composable are an evolution of what the patterns were back in the day. Queues, asynchronous processing, load balancing, health monitoring etc. haven't gone anywhere, right?. But at the same time I expect there are some interesting learning experiences when you try to build a system like XM Cloud from scratch. I'll bet I take a pile of notes in this one, as there are bound to be some good learning points for the next bit of architecture work I'm involved in.

  • Modular content design in XM Cloud

    Jacqueline Baxter, Fri 11:15 am

    Ok, I said I was being developer-focused, but this talk caught my eye too. Modular content isn't a new concept, but "how is this different in composable solutions" is the bit that interests me here. What are the things I need to think differently about, and what might I need to teach the non-developers in my teams to help get the best out of our future implementations? Any advice on topics like that will have benefits for my future work.

  • 15 Configuration Tricks in 15 Minutes

    Dan Solovay, Fri 12:10 pm

    Continuing the theme of "I'll be doing XP work for a while", I'm pretty sure Dan will show me some stuff I either didn't know or knew years back but had forgotten here. Either way, that will make me happy, and will give me info to share with developers back home.

  • Risk scenarios and how to secure webhooks in XM Cloud using Auth0 by OKTA

    Sandeep Pote, Fri 12:30 pm

    This is an interesting side issue to all the talk of APIs earlier. When building headless sites, some of your APIs are going to need to be exposed publicly. So how they might they get secured in pragmatic but effective ways is an important design consideration. And integrating with an IDAM solution like Auth0 seems likely to be a scenario that comes up fairly often, so I'm interested to take a look at an approach to achieving this.

  • A Game of Publishing: Sitecore's Publishing Vision

    Ivan Lieckens, Fri 2:20 pm

    Publishing is a pretty core concept in any CMS, and in Sitecore's world its implementation changed pretty significantly in the move towards headless. So where publishing is likely to go in the future, and why Sitecore see that route as the correct one are definitely things I want to hear about.

I've got my ticket for this event, and I'm looking forward to it! Do you have yours**3 ?

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