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Looking forward to SUGCON EU

What's caught my eye on the agenda?

Earlier this week, I got my first chance to take a look at the agenda for this year's SUGCON EU (in Dublin next month), and a few things jumped out for me as things I probably want to watch at the event. Maybe they'd be of interest to you too?

Sitecore SUGCON ~3 min. read

Bonus Chatter: SUGCON NA Agenda - what caught my eye

There's a lot of great content. What bits are going to help me the most?

I see the agenda for this year's SUGCON NA event is out now. While everyone will have their own interests, here's what's caught my eye in the agenda.

Sitecore SUGCON ~4 min. read

Is this the most important slide from SUGCON?

Not clickbait - an actual opinion

I wasn't at SUGCON this year, but I was watching the Twitter reactions, and I've chatted to a few community people about what was said at the event. And in amongst all the exiting technical stuff about XM Cloud, I think there's one slide which really stands out to me...

SUGCON 2019 session slides

If you missed my session at SUGCON this year, or if you were there but want to go back over something I said, don't worry: The slides and a transcript of what I was saying are available here...

The lowdown from NOLA

I don't have anything technical to write about this week, as all my time has been taken up with a trip to New Orleans for the Sitecore MVP Summit and the SUGCON NA user group conference. So instead of the usual code, there are a few things about these events I'd like to discuss...