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Posts from June 2014

Getting over-enthusiastic with SIM's Delete function...

As I've mentioned previously, I'm finding that getting new instances of Sitecore installed on a development machine is a bit of a "horses for courses" thing. Quick instances needed to test something or do some development that's not sensitive to precise configuration can be created quickly and easily with SIM. But sometimes I need to do some work that relies on me setting up the instance in as close as possible a way to how the production instance should be. That usually involves running the Sitecore installer.

Late to the Post-Step party...

I was creating a quick package to transfer some content between Sitecore instances the other day, and happened to scroll down to the bottom of the Metadata page in Package Designer. Not for any real reason – just some over-enthusiastic scroll-wheel action. But when I looked at the dialog, it struck me that there were two fields here I'd never paid any attention to before:

Fun with NUC servers

[ Edited to add: Since I wrote this, both the hardware and software has moved on, and I've had some other issues maintaining this server, which you might be interested in...]

I've been building myself a new home server this week and figured I should write down a few things about what I've been up to in case anyone else is trying to do a similar thing and hits the same roadblocks I have...

Faceted Search in Sitecore 6.6

Last week I spoke at the London Sitecore Technical User Group, and discussed my experiences working on a project that had to provide a Faceted Search UI in Sitecore 6.6. As part of my example, I talked about how you can build Facets using Lucene when you don't have access to the newer search APIs available in Sitecore 7.x, and about how you can make your search UI configurable by editors to improve their user experience. And I said I'd post my example code and explanation. So here goes:

C# Lucene Sitecore UI ~10 min. read

Custom Sitemap Files – Part Four

The last three posts have discussed some prototype code for a sitemap generator, and I want to wrap the series up with a few thoughts about how the size of your Sitemap build operation might affect your site.

Sitecore ~5 min. read