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Graphing activity with a Raspberry Pi

I've had a Raspberry Pi sitting under my desk for some time now, but things keep getting in the way of me doing much with it. But in honour of the whole "March is for Makers" thing, I decided I needed to finally do something more than boot it up and let my son tinker with Scratch on it. I'd also acquired a "Sense Hat" add-on recently, and something about the matrix display on that made me think of animated graphs. Now that the Windows 10 IoT build is gaining features, I thought I'd try installing that and building something that would let me graph website activity – with a view to how it might get connected to Sitecore...

Fun with NUC servers

[ Edited to add: Since I wrote this, both the hardware and software has moved on, and I've had some other issues maintaining this server, which you might be interested in...]

I've been building myself a new home server this week and figured I should write down a few things about what I've been up to in case anyone else is trying to do a similar thing and hits the same roadblocks I have...