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Posts from October 2014

Thinking about the future of your markup

My work sometimes involves picking up projects that were started by other developers / agencies and making changes or enhancements. Sometimes the approaches used by the original developers can make these enhancements harder than they need to be. The HTML, CSS and Javascript of a recent project I worked on caused some issues that I thought were worth calling out to try and help developers do better work in the future.

A gotcha with custom applications

NB: This post was written about Sitecore V6.6 – if you're using Sitecore 7.5 you should look at the updated version instead.

Ever gone through the steps to create a new Application in the Sitecore "Start Menu", but had it not appear despite refreshing? I wasted an hour of my afternoon scratching my head over this issue recently, so I thought I would write down what I went through in case anyone else hits the same issue...

Sitecore UI ~1 min. read

A question for the community: Development patterns

A bit of a change of tack this week. Rather than writing about something I've been doing, I'd like to ask for your ideas on something I've been thinking about. This issue is way to complex to compress into a tweet to ask on Twitter, and it seems too opinion based to be asked on Stack Overflow. So I'll ask it here, in the hope that some of you clever people might offer your opinions. Comment below, tweet me, write blog posts in response, send carrier pigeons or whatever. All thoughts appreciated...

So here's what I'm thinking about: How do you set up your projects for development?

A quick “find that item” hack

The other day I was having a conversation with a colleague who was bemoaning the lack of a fast way to paste a Sitecore item path into the UI and have the Content Editor change selection to that item. I suggested using the search box or the Navigate button, but apparently they weren't right. The person wanted to paste a link and have the content tree change without any other clicking about.

So, in the spirit of being a helpful co-worker, I hacked up a quick command extension to solve this problem. It's trivially simple, but I figured someone else might find it useful, or learn something that helps them...

C# Sitecore UI ~2 min. read