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Posts from December 2015

A quirk of Sitecore Queries...

It's nearly Christmas, and before I head off for a bit of a holiday, here's a quick bug issue you might encounter. Despite the increasing power and sophistication of the search technologies in Sitecore, sometimes we still need to fall back to good old-fashioned Sitecore Query. A common reason for this is because the query you're writing depends on the structure of the data, not its content. Recently a colleague of mine pointed out some issues to me with the way some queries are resolved, which I thought might be of interest to others.

Sitecore Bug ~2 min. read

Development environments with PowerShell DSC – Coveo REST API & Coveo for Sitecore

After last week's work on installing the Coveo search service, this week we'll move on to how that script can be extended to install the Coveo REST API and the Coveo for Sitecore package.