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Posts from May 2016

Edge cases of caching

Most of the time when you need to cache things in Sitecore, it's handled for you with the built in frameworks for data and UI layer caches. Usually your problems are solved by tuning the sizes of the caches and configuring the right caching settings on your UI components. But what happens when you've got bits of data which you want to cache that are neither components or items?

Sitecore C# ~1 min. read

Why can't I bookmark my facets?

The other week I was commenting on shooting myself in the foot with the configuration of Coveo's UI for Sitecore. Another issue that came up during that bit of project work was that in their default state, the facet components didn't respond to data in the URL. Having done a bit of digging, however, one of my colleagues found an answer to this, which I figured I should write down in case anyone else is stuck on the same challenge...

Coveo Sitecore ~2 min. read

Getting your queries in order

There are lots of scenarios where sorting the results of Sitecore API or search queries is easy. But there's one scenario that I've come across a couple of times can be a bit trickier than the usual "sort by date" scenario.

Sitecore ~4 min. read