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SUGCON 2019 session slides

Published 06 April 2019
Updated 23 March 2020

If you missed my session at SUGCON this year, or if you were there but want to go back over something I said, don't worry: The slides and a transcript of what I was saying are available here...

The deck is a bit big (~150Meg) as it contains all the video demos I used, but it's available for download:

Measure, if you want to go faster!

(Edited to add - There's a video of this talk too: Watch on YouTube)

The session seemed to go down well:

Sold out crowd for @jermdavis presentation on Sitecore performance. #SUGCON
Standing room only here in @jermdavis session! Should have measured to go bigger. 😁 #SUGCON

#SUGCON day 2 Thanks @jermdavis for the amazing talk about how to measure performance in daily development.Very useful and just what we need.#hardcoresitecore
Nice summary regarding performance measurements :) Thanks to @jermdavis #SUGCON

A big thanks to everyone who came along to watch, and to all the organisers for putting on a great event.

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