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Posts from March 2020

That Solr presentation I did...

Symposium 2019 seems a loooong time ago now – but it was only last November. Back then, I did a session on understanding the basics of Solr and SolrCloud to help Sitecore developers with their production deployments.

Sitecore Solr ~½ min. read

Usergroup: Developing Sitecore code under Docker

I presented a session at the London and Manchester user groups recently, where I talked about what I needed to do in order to get started developing Sitecore code under Docker.

Making an “XP without analytics” Docker image for Sitecore

One of the minor annoyances of some XM releases of Sitecore is that rather than just disabling analytics and not running xConnect, they do not include the DLLs necessary for personalisation at all. That can be a bit of a pain sometimes – as I discovered recently when I tried to deploy some client code into an XM docker container. The site broke because the client code included references to a personalisation DLL – which made me realise I actually wanted an "XP in XM mode" container so I didn't need to bother with the memory and CPU for xConnect. So here's how I hacked one up...

Docker Sitecore ~2 min. read