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Scripted DMS Installs

Continuing my current theme of installation automation via PowerShell, the next task I found myself looking at was how to enable Sitecore's analytics for a newly installed Sitecore instance. This is a task that the standard .exe installer doesn't do for the v6.6 sites I'm working with, but is relatively simple to automate.

Using DMS Profile Cards as search metadata

Some time back I worked on a website which made extensive use of two bits of technology:

When the project was originally specified, these two things were thought of as individual aspects of the project and not much thought was put into the idea of bringing them together. But as the project progressed one of my colleagues realised that editors were basically being asked to enter the same data twice in some areas of the site. Once when they configured the metadata to drive the search facets, and once when they set up profile cards. We'd failed to spot the strong overlap between the data being entered in these two areas of the site.

As an experiment in "can it be done?" I tried to see if it was possible to index your DMS Profile Card data in Lucene, to allow it to be used as search facets. This never ended up in the actual project, but I thought it might be of interest in case anyone else finds themselves with a similar need.

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