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But Azure was broken yesterday! What changed?

It's not fun when you can't isolate a root cause for a problem

Some of the most frustrating issues in IT happen when a thing which was working fine stops, and you're sure you didn't change anything. Now that very few people host their own infrastructure, these issues can be compounded because change or problems might happen in the internals of a complex infrastructure system you have no control over. I got bitten by this recently, and while I have no answers I suspect this is worth writing up just because it may help other people to realise the problem you have is not always your fault...

Fixing a broken preview database

When the instructions you're given don't quite cut it...

A colleague pointed me at an interesting issue recently, where trying to switch the Sitecore Desktop to view a "preview" database for a Publishing Target on a client's website caused a crash. The reason for this appears to be an interesting issue it would be fairly easy for others to trip over, so this seemed a useful thing to write up:

Sitecore Errors ~3 min. read

Diagnosing a packaging failure

Finding the cause of very old issue...

I came across an interesting issue generating a Sitecore Package recently. Googling the issue didn't give me the whole answer, so it's time to enhance the internet again with a explanation of what I saw and why I think it happened...

Pesky file system permissions

If any of you have children, you're probably well aware of their awesome ability to spread around every new variation of the common cold that appears. This week I've been mostly suffering under the latest of these "presents" from my son, and to be honest may not be doing my sharpest ever thinking...

Coincidentally it took me a bit of head-scratching to resolve a problem with an experimental instance of Sitecore 6.6 that I wanted to make use of the other day. Browsing to the public site appeared fine, but when I tried to load Content Editor I was greeted with an exception saying Access to the path 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TEST\Data\viewstate\1\7\E' is denied.: