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Ever wished the Rich Text field didn't mess with your HTML?

In these days of standards compliance, most of the time you want the mark-up stored in your Rich Text fields to be well formed XHTML – which is exactly what the editor for these fields should give you. But what can you do if you come across a scenario where you don't want the mark-up to be changed by the editor for some reason?

Multiple data source locations in the 'Select Associated Content' dialog box

Working on some components for a client's site recently, it struck me that there were circumstances where it would be helpful to editors to allow the "Select Associated Content" dialog to have multiple options without just showing the whole content tree. Scenarios like having both a global shared content folder and a sub-site specific shared content folder that editors could choose between, for example. Something that looked like this:

Delete aliases along with their items

Last week I looked at how to visualise aliases in the Content Editor, based on a requirement from one of my clients. The second part of the work I was considering here was how you can automatically remove any aliases related to an item when you remove that item. What I wanted to achieve was having the system prompt you to ask if you want the aliases removed whenever you delete an item that has aliases attached. Something like:

C# Sitecore UI ~3 min. read

Visualising Aliases

Recently a client I work for came to me with an interesting question. Their Sitecore-based website makes heavy use of Aliases to set up shortened URLs for publicity purposes, but they were finding it difficult to manage the large number of aliases they were creating. Their key issues were remembering which pages had aliases defined, and remembering to delete aliases when they removed the pages they were related to.

C# Sitecore UI ~4 min. read

Confirming Sitecore Commands

Be honest people: how many of you have wasted a few hours of your life by accidentally clicking "Revert Database" when you meant to click "Update Database" after a long evening at the development coal face? I certainly have. And if you're like me and tend to serialise only the things you've changed in your project, then that means you generally end up with a dead instance of Sitecore.

C# Sitecore UI ~3 min. read