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Posts from June 2015

Automated package installs

After you've finished installing an instance of Sitecore for development or test (as I've been discussing in my previous few posts – Installing, Adding DMS, Hosts & SSL), chances are you'll need to deploy some modules or packages onto it. Things like Web Forms for Marketers are regularly needed as a basis for development work. So what can you do if you'd like to automate this with PowerShell as well?

Scripted DMS Installs

Continuing my current theme of installation automation via PowerShell, the next task I found myself looking at was how to enable Sitecore's analytics for a newly installed Sitecore instance. This is a task that the standard .exe installer doesn't do for the v6.6 sites I'm working with, but is relatively simple to automate.

Unattended installs again: Understanding some more Sitecore MSI parameters

Ages back I wrote up some work on automating the Sitecore installer. I noted back then that I wasn't sure what the purpose of the SC_IISSITE_ID parameter to the MSI was. Having done some more work on the topic of install automation recently, I've got some more detail on what it's for now, as well as another parameter that's more important than I had realised...

Automating host names and SSL certificates for Sitecore instances

When you install an instance of Sitecore via the .exe installer you get a single host name added to your machine, which matches the instance name you chose. But for real world projects this is rarely enough. Most websites need to respond to other host names, and they often also need SSL certificates installed so that these hosts can be accessed via HTTPS. Developers need these features set up so that they can code and test with them.

Recently I've been looking at automating more installation tasks via PowerShell, in order to try and standardise the processes developers use when setting up new instances for work. I've been digging out helpful bits of script from across the internet, and I plan to write a few posts to document some of the approaches I've been experimenting with. The first of these posts covers info on automating host names and their bindings:

PowerShell Sitecore ~2 min. read

Automating uninstalls of Sitecore

Quick bit of script this week. Ages back I wrote up the process for working out how to run unattended installations of Sitecore using its .exe installer and then converted that to PowerShell. Recently I've been doing a bit more work on install automations in PowerShell. (Which I plan to write up in future posts) But while doing this, I realised that the flip side of automating the install is that it's also helpful to be able to remove an instance of Sitecore automatically too...