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Posts from July 2015

Another package install performance boost

I came across an interesting approach for improving the performance of automated package installs the other day. In the space of one day of internet reading I saw the Sitecore.Data.BulkUpdateContext class mentioned in a blog post and it came up in MVP forum discussions. In both cases, it was mentioned in the context of making item operations faster. Hence it seemed like an interesting thing to investigate, to see what sort of difference it would make to my previous work.

Editing layout details

I came across a Sitemap generation code), the idea interested me enough to do a bit more research into the topic, and try to work out the details.

So here's some notes on the hows and whys of using code to change layout details. (I'm working on Sitecore 6.6 here, but this information is relevant to many versions of Sitecore)

Enabling automated index rebuilds

Another helpful addition to the "scripted installs" functions I've been looking at for the last few weeks is the ability to trigger a full rebuild of a search index. Last week we looked at deferring the indexing of items installed by a package to try and help speed up the scripted install of packages. So it makes sense to be able to trigger a build as well...

Improving the automated package installs

Last week I looked at some simple PowerShell script to automate installing packages into Sitecore instances. Having spent a bit of time testing this process, I found a couple of useful tips for speeding it up: