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Posts from September 2015

Config variables in PowerShell DSC can confuse

I'm in the middle of preparing a talk for an upcoming Sitecore user group on the subject of using PowerShell DSC for Sitecore installs. (I'll post a write up of the talk after I've given it) And one of the things I've discovered is that once you get into the guts of it, using configuration variables alongside Script Resources can be a bit confusing.

So, for the benefit of my future self (I'm bound to forget this as I am taking time off from my preparation to head over to the US for this and this) I'm writing down what I've worked out...

Translating UI for Coveo Search

This week I've spent a bit of time trying to knock up a quick demo of how Coveo can cope with searching in languages other than English. However, it's just my luck that the language I have to demo in is not on the list of languages supported out-of-the-box: Welsh. Hence I've been investigating how to customise the UI so that things look right for my demo. Turns out there are a few things to think about:

Coveo Sitecore ~7 min. read

Revisiting install scripting for newer versions of Sitecore

Previously, I've written a few posts (here, here and here) about automation approaches and PowerShell scripts I was experimenting with for installing developer instances of Sitecore 6. It seems about time that I checked out how that scripting work copes with newer versions of Sitecore...

Automating a development MongoDB Install

As I slowly get to move from v6.6 era versions of Sitecore onto the more modern releases, one of the topics I've been re-visiting is install automation. In the past I'd looked at PowerShell scripts for installing Sitecore itself, and configuring development sites, but one of the new things to deal with once you move past v7.5 is the need for MongoDB. Turns out, that's pretty easy to automate if you need to:

Coveo facets based on ID fields

A while back I had the chance to look into the my initial install issue, I've spent a bit of time looking at Coveo's approach to the faceted search I'd used on some recent projects. Whilst this mostly works really easily, I've spotted a minor shortcoming in the out-of-the-box functionality which needed a quick work around for my scenario to work.

Coveo Sitecore ~4 min. read