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Posts from October 2015

Development environments with PowerShell DSC – Mongo DB

After last week's look at the basic setup of Windows features via PowerShell DSC, this week I'm looking at adding MongoDB into the mix. I wrote a post a while back about installing MongoDB via ordinary PowerShell, this post can re-purpose that logic in a new form...

Development environments with PowerShell DSC – Windows Features

I kicked off this series last week with a look at what PowerShell DSC is. This week I'm going to look at scripts you can use for basic configuration of Windows itself for a hypothetical development environment. I'll cover basic Windows features, a few issues you might encounter and helpful tweaks like being able to disable IE's "enhanced security" mode if you're working on a server.

Development environments with PowerShell DSC – Introduction to DSC

I've written before about approaches to automating the install of Sitecore instances via PowerShell, but recently I've been working upgrading this process to set up entire servers. As part of this research I've been working on how to move the scripting over to PowerShell Desired State Configuration – Microsoft's framework for automating the configuration of servers. Having got to a position where the scripts are working and I can turn a plain copy of Windows Server into a functioning Sitecore box, I thought I'd shared an explanation of the tools and how it can be used for Sitecore development environments.

I'm going to break this up into a series of posts, as it's quite a big topic. This week is a bit of an introduction to DSC and my goals for it:

The lowdown from NOLA

I don't have anything technical to write about this week, as all my time has been taken up with a trip to New Orleans for the Sitecore MVP Summit and the SUGCON NA user group conference. So instead of the usual code, there are a few things about these events I'd like to discuss...