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Posts from March 2016

Graphing activity with a Raspberry Pi

I've had a Raspberry Pi sitting under my desk for some time now, but things keep getting in the way of me doing much with it. But in honour of the whole "March is for Makers" thing, I decided I needed to finally do something more than boot it up and let my son tinker with Scratch on it. I'd also acquired a "Sense Hat" add-on recently, and something about the matrix display on that made me think of animated graphs. Now that the Windows 10 IoT build is gaining features, I thought I'd try installing that and building something that would let me graph website activity – with a view to how it might get connected to Sitecore...

Stack Overflows are hard errors to Google

Sometimes you find yourself investigating errors which are made more difficult to solve by the sheer weight of hits for a term out on the internet. Top of my list of things that are a pain to Google, is any sort of Stack Overflow exception. You can guess why, right? 😉 Having gone throught that pain recently, here's some notes on an issue I helped my colleagues diagnose recently which fell straight into that trap...

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