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Posts from April 2016

The case of the missing Coveo facet picker

Quick one this week. Mostly to try and save my own blushes, because the issue here was completely my fault. For the first time on a particular project I was trying to do some Coveo development work. I had created a page based on the default MVC templates they provide for search, but when I tried to add a Facet in Content Editor, I found myself staring at this:

Missing Picker

No picker for the field to facet on – so no way to make the Facet component work...

Coveo Sitecore ~1 min. read

Getting MVC components to communicate

Every so often, the move from WebForms style projects to MVC ones throws up a challenging question. An issue which I came across recently, is how do you cope with a situation where two independent components on a page need to exchange data? In WebForms projects there we could connect them together via the Layout's Code Behind, and in front-end situations JavaScript can do a similar job for us. But the situation requires back-end code and we're using MVC it's a bit more of a challenge...

Sitecore ~3 min. read