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Posts from August 2015

When is a reference to null not a null reference?

I was having a conversation with a programmer new to C# recently, who was rather confused by something similar to the following bit of code. He'd been looking at the source for a library on GitHub, and he didn't understand why this could run without errors:

To him, it seemed to be risking a NullReferenceException, as you can't call a method on a null object.

C# ~1 min. read

Why doesn't my installer work?

I encountered a strange error last week, while setting up a virtual machine for some testing: Double clicking the Sitecore 7.2 installer would show the "Extracting" dialog, but after a short while it would vanish and nothing else would happen...

Early adoption can be risky...

Later this week I've got the chance to do some training on the Coveo for Sitecore search solution. The invite to the training said that attendees need to bring a computer running an instance of the software to use during the class. So I've been spending a bit of time building up a virtual machine for this purpose, to get a handle on the install process for Coveo.

Being the enthusiastic type, I tried doing this installation on a machine running Visual Studio 2015 and .Net 4.6 – but it turns out this wasn't a great idea.

Coveo Sitecore ~2 min. read

More Windows 10 Fun: Installing VirtualBox

Having upgraded my computer to Windows 10, I found myself unable to install updates to VirtualBox. After downloading the 4.3.40 (build 101610) release, clicking the installer immediately gave the error:

General Windows ~1 min. read

Head scratching: Windows 10 with Windows Server Essentials

Like many people around the internet, I've upgraded my computer to Windows 10 this weekend. So far I'm reasonably happy with the upgrade – most of my stuff has continued to work fine, and the few installation issues I hit were already well documented by the internet community. I will admit to a bit of "who moved my cheese" style frustration at some of the changes though – but I'm sure that will pass as I get used to them...

But I also came across one issue I wasn't expecting which I had a bit more trouble finding the answer to: What happens if your PC was connected to a Windows Server Essentials domain for backup and then you try to upgrade?

Windows ~3 min. read