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Posts from January 2016

Being a remote worker...

It struck me the other day, that I've now been a full-time remote worker for more than ten years. As the technology for working away from company offices slowly gets better, I'd like to hope this approach to work was getting more common. After all, it has the potential to save companies money and it has the potential to give you back a couple of hours of your day that you don't need to spend commuting.

So just in case anyone else is thinking about trying working this way, I thought I'd have a go at setting out some of the challenges I've had to address over the last decade.

Windows 10 and Server Essentials Redux

A while back I blogged about some of the issues of having Windows 10 computers using Windows Server Essentials as their backup target. Recently I installed the first major update for Windows 10, and this caused me more issues, which I figured I should document.