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Posts from June 2024

Avoiding Display Name confusion

A trick to rememeber in Content Editor

I had a moment of frustration recently, when I spent a while looking for a Data Template in a particular Sitecore site and couldn't find it because a previous developer had set a Display Name. As a result of moaning about this Corey Smith reminded me of a way I could have helped myself here, and it seemed like something to share...

Sitecore ~2 min. read

Generating C# code with Roslyn APIs

Do you have to litter your generator code with literal strings of C#?

A while back I wrote about the transition from T4 templates to using Roslyn Source Generators for generating code in .Net Core solutions. While that worked for me, and I was able to get it to do what I needed, I was never really happy with all the output source as literal strings in the generator code. Recently I had another potential use for generated code, so I decided to try and fix this issue...

C# .Net ~7 min. read