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Posts from July 2024

What happens if you duplicate field names?

We're told not to get into this state, but why?

Data Template inheritance. Most of the time it's great and a powerful tool to help you define your content schema effectively. But there are a few places where it can trip you up - and one of the interesting ones is duplicated field names. I found myself chatting about what actually happens and how this might affect PowerShell scripts and headless code recently, and it seemed worth writing down...

Automating Git

Because sometimes it's helpful to have code to push for you...

I've written a few times before about trying to smooth out the rougher edges of the process of blogging with some custom tooling. Both the site generator I'm using these days, and the simple editor tool I hacked together to suit my writing process. I realised recently that one of those rough edges that remained in the process was the need to manually commit my writing to source control, so I wondered what it might take to wire that into my editing tool...

C# Git ~5 min. read