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Expiring links I know will go bad over time

Seems better that they get removed from the pages?

It struck me recently that there are a few places in this blog where I linked to pages I know will disappear over time. The examples that started me thinking about this were the Symposium and SUGCON websites that get published each year. They tend to reuse the same domain names from year to year without archiving the old content. So those links go stale fairly quickly, and posts from years back now point to this year's events by default. So I started wondering if I could fix this issue automatically...

Statiq Blog ~6 min. read

Does Bing dislike Cloudflare?

Can't say for certain, but it certainly correlates...

I started migrating my writings off WordPress and over to this GitHub Pages site towards the end of 2021. And since I've done that I've not been able to get any search coverage of this site in Bing. But suddenly it seems to be starting to work. And it's looking like it might be related to CloudFlare...