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Minecraft launcher hangs on startup?

I've been reinstalling some PCs recently, and one of them is the machine I play games on in front of the TV. My eldest child still enjoys a bit of Minecraft every so often, so I needed to put that back on my freshly formatted machine – but this proved more difficult than I was expecting.

I'm pretty sure I must have encountered this issue before, but since googling failed to find my blog, I seem to have failed to write the solution down last time 😉 So, in order to save my future self working this out for third time...

Games Windows ~1 min. read

Games that appeal to the programmer in me

It's school holidays as I type this, which means I've been out of the office keeping kids entertained rather than doing anything interesting with code. But all is not lost – because it leaves time for playing some games instead. That reminded me of a conversation I had at Sitecore's Symposium last year about "games I like because they appeal to me as a programmer" – so I thought I'd make a list of the stuff I've enjoyed wasting time with in the last few years (When I've not been playing Minecraft or Terraria with my eldest), in case they appeal to anyone else...

Games Programming ~6 min. read

Bonus Chatter: Having issues with Lego games?

My son loves the Lego-branded games available via Steam. He's a massive fan of the Lego versions of Batman, Marvel and the recent Lego Movie game. But as much as he loves them, as the owner of the computer he plays on, I've found them frustrating. You buy a game, download it, and it works fine for a while. But at some point all of these games have suffered from a problem where you stop being able to launch them. Having had to figure out solutions via Google to keep my son happy, I'm writing this down so I can remember it next time...

Games ~2 min. read