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Sitecore builds with Visual Studio Online – Part 2: Building code and running tests

Following on from last week's "how to host private NuGet feeds in Visual Studio Online", this week we'll build on that to get some code to compile and some Sitecore.FakeDB tests to run and Hedgehog TDS to generate a deployment package in the cloud build.

Sitecore builds with Visual Studio Online – Part 1: Private NuGet feeds

While I've read plenty of articles in the past about configuring build servers for Sitecore projects, I've not seen much written about using Visual Studio Online. (Or "Team Foundation Services", or whatever it's called this week) Since the company I work for are in the process of transitioning all their development infrastructure to Azure, trying to get hosted builds working in VSO seemed like a userful area of research for me. This is the first part of what will probably turn into a few posts on the topic of how I got to the point of being able to run a hosted build for a Sitecore / TDS / FakeDB solution...